10 hipster watch brands you need to know

At first glance, the world of watches is dominated by a handful of companies. Banner brands are household names; Rolex is nestled alongside Lexus and Hyundai in Forbes’ list of the most popular in the world, and even people who tell the time on their phone know that James Bond wears Omega.

But recognition comes with spiraling price tags. Yes, Swiss luxury brands rely on exemplary engineering, but you also pay through the nose to have an embossed logo on the dial.

Looking further into underground or hipster watches, you can find watches with less markup and less likely to be on your friends’ wrists.

It’s time to familiarize yourself with the top 10 hipster watch brands you can wear today.

Press? Here’s our quick hipster watch review.



This Japanese watch brand was largely responsible for the decline of Swiss watchmaking at the turn of the century, after its quartz watches flooded (and nearly drowned) a market still focused on mechanics.

The brand remains technology-focused; he was responsible for the world’s first solar-powered GPS watch as well as a dual time zone watch that is kept accurate in the twin time zones by overhead satellites.

Traditionalists should look to its Grand Seiko sibling. It builds unrivaled automatic watches from in-house movements, and since it’s only been available outside of Japan since 2011, it’s ideal for those heading up against the crowds.

cheap watch brand seiko



Detroit’s tragic decline from industrial powerhouse to ghost town over the past three decades has been hard on its residents. But from the ashes springs a glimmer of fabrication.

Shinola first became known for its watches, made by workers who lost their jobs when the auto industry died, but has since branched out into bicycles and leather goods.

Think traditional pieces with a heavy “Made in USA” focus (albeit with Swiss guts) and that’s what you get.

shinola underground watch brand



Imagine Scandinavian design and the mind goes towards minimalism and affordability.

Stockholm’s Triwa opposes the former with a huge range of hipster watches that run the gamut from white-faced two-hands to blingy gold-plated chronographs. It does account for the latter though with steel bracelet models dropping around £150.

We particularly love the brand’s eye-catching leather straps, which allow you to switch up your look for less and which will age with wear to add personality to your wrist.

triwa watch


hipster watch avi-8

You may covet that Rolex or that Patek, but you don’t have to spend huge sums to make a horological statement. By thinking outside of the big brands, you can get more for your money, with hipster bragging points.

To take AVI-8; the watch brand produces aviation-inspired timepieces with meticulous attention to detail and eye-catching designs.

With six strong collections, a plethora of accessories and new releases available online, it’s the easiest way to quickly build up a watch wardrobe.

chrono classic avi-8



Skagen takes its name from Denmark’s northernmost town, which juts out into the North Sea at the end of a narrow peninsula.

The brand’s designs are obviously Scandinavian – think clean faces and brushed metals – but also slightly fashion-oriented. Every year, you’ll find all of the major Baselworld trends in the brand’s collection, from titanium cases and mesh straps to blue dials and black sunburst dials.

With prices mostly in the mid-£100s, Skagen offers a user-friendly way to dive into hipster watch styles.



Despite a storied history spanning over 150 years and including work with Bauhaus legend Max Bill, Germany’s greatest watchmaker is often overlooked on these shores.

Far more fool us, as it produces minimalist automatics at competitive prices – making them ideal for the guy looking to buy his first ‘real’ watch.

And with aesthetics that have barely changed in the past 50 years, you can be sure that any investment will still look sharp when you decide to expand your collection.

junghan underground watch brand



The brainchild of 22-year-old college dropouts Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante, MVMT (pronounced “movement”) began life on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo in 2013.

With sleek, simple timepieces made as affordable as possible, the hipster watch brand smashed its target by nearly 1,500% and quickly established itself as one of the fastest growing names in watchmaking. fastest in the world.

Today, that comes in the form of watches built from the same premium materials as mid-hundreds brands, but for the price of an evening.

mvmt affordable watch

George Jensen

George Jensen

Best known for its jewelry, Danish company Georg Jensen also makes beautiful watches powered by Swiss automatic movements.

Its timepieces are as simple as possible; delicate hands on white dials, split in some models with a tiny date or power reserve window.

The brand’s watches are best paired with a turtleneck, thick-rimmed glasses, and the office corner of a prominent architectural firm.

underground watch brand geor jensen



Young Belgian brand Komono produces beautiful sunglasses as well as hipster watches, with its product line tied together by a focus on classic designs made from quality materials (without the price tags that come with them).

The brand’s wristwatches are known for their eye-catching colors, from all-scarlet cases and dials to more subtle white faces on trendy straps.

Buying a Komono design is the easiest way to add a touch of interest to an outfit, at prices that definitely won’t break the bank.

hipster watch brand komono



Customizable watches aren’t new – after all, changing straps is the easiest way to keep a watch fresh, but Objest takes this idea to a whole new level.

Designed in London in collaboration with world-class Swiss watchmakers, customers can customize almost every visible feature, including the dial, hour, minute and second hands, rotor, hardware, date window and bracelets, offering more than a million possible models.

Add to that subtle details like a hatch-patterned dial that doubles as an hour marker and you have the watch of choice for design lovers.

underground watch brand objest

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