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Few things can define a men’s style like a watch. Women can wear necklaces, rings and all kinds of accessories to enhance the style of their clothes. But, for men, while they can still wear these things, the accessory of choice is usually a watch. Most of them are simple, they are all nice, but when it comes to cost, there are a few brands around the world that certainly take the cake over their competition.

Of course, no one is saying that an ordinary watch is worthless. Much of the opposite; many times less is more and there are some incredibly fashionable watches at affordable prices. Nonetheless, it’s TheRichest, and we’re here to tell you a little bit about 10 of the world’s most expensive watch brands.

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ten Bell & Ross

Many of the companies on this list are actually very old and have been in business for a long, long time. Still, that doesn’t mean that the young players in this game can’t reach the same level as their older counterparts. Bell & Ross is the perfect example of a brand which, although it was only created in 1992, has achieved an impressive level of worldwide recognition.

They have items that are priced north of $ 5,000. As you would expect for one of the youngest companies in this top 10, their watches have a more modern, boxy style that has a cooler appeal to younger people.

9 Ulysses Nardin

This company has grown from a young competitor to a brand that has been a staple in high-end watches for over a century. Ulysse Nardin was founded in 1846 and has grown steadily since.

Although the company itself is quite old, it does not shy away from the challenge of modernizing its watches and designs. They use modern materials, some watches have designs that are not at all classic which a lot of people might not like. Yet on the other hand (or, more precisely, the wrist), a lot more people appreciate this fact because it gives a sense of diversity that you don’t see a lot.

8 Piaget SA

After some solid choices, we are now starting to dive into some incredibly high-end watchmaking as we start to mention brands like Piaget SA. This is a company that takes pride in offering some of the most breathtaking and expensive watches in the world. They have their own line of jewelry watches as well as fine jewelry watches that can, in terms of appearance, put many companies higher on our list to shame.

From their use of precious stones to incredibly fine and elegant rose gold designs, Piaget SA brings to market watches that can cost over $ 37,000.

7 Bremont

Now is the time to take flight. No, we’re not hopping on a plane to write this article, but we’re about to show you a watch brand that always has your mind drifting toward that feeling of hovering above the ground. For the creators of Bremont, flying is one of the most beautiful things humans have done, and they decided to dedicate their watches to aviation.

Nick and Giles English acquired their love for aviation from their father, and they founded Bremont in 2002 to honor their love. Their aviation-inspired watches are quite expensive and most of them cost over $ 5,000.

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6 Panerai

We talk about style, and when fashion is the name of the game, at one point you have to talk about Italy. Yes, this list wouldn’t be complete without an Italian watch company. Panerai is headquartered in one of the world’s fashion capitals, Milan, but it was actually founded in Florence in 1860.

A fun fact about this brand is that when its first boutique was opened in Florence, the owner, Giovanni Panerai, also used the boutique as a workshop and as the city’s first watchmaking school. Yes, people learned to make watches from a master like Panerai.

5 Vacheron Constantin

We’ve mentioned quite a few older watch makers, but it’s hard to beat the next on our list. Vacheron Constantin has been in business for over two centuries, as the Geneva, Switzerland-based company opened in 1755. No, you didn’t read it wrong. This company has existed since the middle of the 18th century and has maintained its status as a world leader in the field throughout these long years.

To buy one of these beauties today, you could spend anywhere from $ 10,000 to over $ 120,000. But, hey, by having one of these, you’ll be sharing something in common with historical figures like Napoleon Bonaparte who supposedly sported Vacheron Constantin watches.

4 IWC Schaffhausen

While not as old as our previous entry, IWC Schaffhausen has a level of brand recognition that rivals all of its competitors on this list. When we think of watches, especially high-end watches, we usually think of countries like Switzerland. The Swiss are world famous for their watchmaking skills, and there’s a good reason for that since they’re amazing at putting them together.

By using this heritage and sticking to the classics that still work, IWC Schaffhausen has grown into one of the world’s leading watch brands. What is interesting here is that this specialist Swiss watchmaker was founded by a Boston watchmaker in 1868.

3 Blancpain

The watch game is packed with classics, so it’s no surprise that many of the names on our list date back hundreds of years. Another of those exquisite brands that have stood the test of time is Blancpain. Not only does it carry one of the most interesting names when it comes to the most expensive watch brands in the world, but Blancpain is also one of the oldest brands in the game, as it was founded in 1735.

With a wide range of models, one can acquire a Blancpain watch by spending between $ 13,000 and over $ 90,000. Various celebrities were and are fans of this brand, as people like Marilyn Monroe, Brad Pitt and Vladimir Poutin wear or carry the brand.

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2 Audemars Piguet

Not the oldest in the watch industry, but arguably one of the two most recognizable brands in the world, Audemars Piguet has a collection of watches and the kind of brand recognition that any other competitor would be dying to have.

Swiss company founded in 1875, Audemars Piguet is one of the most prolific watchmakers in the world, having an output of around 40,000 in 2018. Add to that the fact that their watches range from $ 2,000 and up, and you can get a glimpse of how much money this business is making.

The list of patrons is also quite impressive, as Lebron James, Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the King of Spain are the patrons of the brand.

1 Rolex

The first place on our list could not go to any other brand. Ultimately, the most important thing in the business world is brand recognition. If people know your brand name and relate that name to luxury and something that everyone who has the money to afford it wants to have, your brand will be successful.

It’s that simple: No watch brand in the world is more famous than Rolex. From celebrities and billionaires to people who just made a lot of money and decided this was the best way to show others that they made a lot of money, Rolex is the gold standard when it comes to watches. luxury watches, and that is why they are the leading luxury watch brand in the world.

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