3 watch brands for beginner enthusiasts

Watches have exploded over the past two years, and this can perhaps be attributed to lockdowns caused by the pandemic. People must have spent a lot of time at home and maybe thought about the meaning of life and got bored looking at a bare wrist.

For people wanting to learn more about watches, here are some brands they can check out:


Heritage. Seiko is a Japanese brand whose history begins in 1881. Created by Kintaro Hattori, who was then only 21 years old, he sold and repaired watches in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. Seiko followed a simple formula: build a ton of great quality watches at affordable prices. Today, the brand has a massive following, thanks to its rich heritage, quality construction and variety of model offerings.

Why Seiko? Seiko is a perfect choice for a beginner who has just entered the world of watches. Compared to the number of watch brands available on the market, few build an entire watch and its components themselves, including the movement. Generally speaking, Seiko is a highly respected brand in the watch community.

Popular choices. In 2022, one might want to check out the basic range of the Seiko 5 SNK series (SNK809, should be the best). These are casual looking watches that shouldn’t burn a hole in the pockets. For dive watches or chronographs, its Prospex line should also offer a ton of options. For fun, however, the second-hand market is full of sellers of vintage Seikos, which should make for a fun shopping experience.


Heritage. Timex is an American brand whose roots date back to 1854 when it was the Waterbury Clock Company. Then in 1941 it was acquired and reformed as the Timex Corporation in 1941. Today, Timex Group USA is headquartered in Connecticut with operations across Europe, America and Asia.

Why Timex? It is a brand that carries the American spirit in terms of watchmaking. Most importantly, it’s a company on a mission to provide great looking, high quality parts at an affordable price.

Popular choices. In 2022, we could take a look at the Q Reissue 38mm models. It is equipped with a Quartz movement and is available in several colors. One could also opt for the Timex Marlin, a classic looking wear that is powered by an automatic movement (no batteries!).


Heritage. When we think of luxury watches, we immediately think “Swiss”. Yes, the Swiss have earned a reputation for making the best watches in the world and have done so for generations. Tissot is a Swiss brand founded in 1853 by a father-son team. The brand is known for producing “Swiss Made” watches but at competitive prices that are not exorbitant compared to other Swiss luxury watch brands.

Why Tisot? When someone decides to delve deeper into the hallowed halls of watchmaking, it’s only a matter of time before they crave a Swiss Made watch on their wrist. Swiss Made watches are generally expensive, but Tissot is a brand that caters to the “mid-range market”. Therefore, Tissot has carved out a place for itself as the “first Swiss watch” one will own.

Popular choices. In 2022 there is the very popular Gentleman line or the PRX line. The first borrows a timeless form – pun intended not – while the second is inspired by the watches with integrated steel strap of the 70s. Both ranges also offer quartz and automatic models.

Timex, Seiko and Tissot are just a few of the many quality yet affordable watches on the market. With a little detective and window shopping, we will learn more about wonderful brands. Ultimately, what we end up wearing and loving, only time will tell.

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