5 watch brands to spend that are as good as Rolex


When you invest in watches, says our expert, “You can’t just ride fashion. You have to be ahead of the hype.

ANCX staff | March 15, 2022

Men choose to invest in a good watch for a variety of reasons. For James Bond creator Ian Fleming, “a gentleman’s choice of watch says as much about him as his Saville Row suit.” For Kobe Bryant, the hardcourt legend, a watch “represents who you are, your values ​​and your personal style”. Meanwhile, American actor James Marsden sees “having a great watch as the next step – to make it, a rite of passage”.

But men also buy watches these days as a long-term investment. To be precise, they buy Rolex watches which, according to Bob’s Watches, the largest watch retailer in the United States, have outperformed gold, houses and even stocks.

The thing is, it is no longer so easy to snag the Rolex watch you want because often there just aren’t enough, if you ask Watch Manila founder Atty. Sieg Suárez. The watch connoisseur pointed this out during last weekend’s webinar called “Beyond Rolex”, an event presented by Watch Manila and Ayala Land Premier’s Greenbelt Group. Even authorized dealers have limited stocks, says Atty. Headquarters He experienced this first hand while searching for Rolex watches in Singapore and New York before the pandemic. Too, according to this reportthe brand “limited factory production for three months from March 2020”.

Atti. Sieg has a good proposition for the Rolex hunter, however, why not invest in other brands that offer similar or sometimes even better craftsmanship than a Rolex? He mentions a favorite investment quote that has served him well over the years: “Skate where the puck is going, not where it is. »

In other words, when investing in watches, “you can’t just ride the hype. You have to be there before the hype,” advises the lawyer-collector. One doesn’t even need to ride the hype at all. “You need to buy a watch that would be timeless whether there is hype or not. Never buy when there is too much hype on social and traditional media.”

As an example, he cited the Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 3700, which didn’t get much attention when it was first released. The brand took the risk by releasing it at an SRP of $3,100, whereas the gold Patek is not terribly expensive at $4,000. “So why would you buy a very expensive stainless steel watch when you can have a gold one which is a trademark of Patek at the time?” Atty said. Headquarters

Some collectors marked the Nautilus simply because they wanted one to keep, or perhaps were planning to sell it in the future. “Now they are reaping the rewards because the value of these watches has just skyrocketed,” adds the founder of Watch Manila.

Another example is Richard Mille. When this brand was launched in 2001, it did not yet have collaborations with Bubba Watson, Felipe Massa and Rafael Nadal. There was no hype. But some collectors took the risk and invested in Richard Mille watches anyway. It took at least a decade before the brand’s popularity skyrocketed. This has definitely paid off for collectors because these watches are now very expensive, says Atty. Headquarters

Which brings us to the watch connoisseur’s takeaways when it comes to investing in watches: First, investing takes time. Second, it is not easy to predict which ones would go up in value. And so, Three, buy a watch not because of the hype, but because you love its completeness, from design to craftsmanship.

He gives us a list of brands that he thinks are great alternatives to Rolex.

Jaeger Lecoultre

The Swiss brand has an excellent range. It has a Reverso brand, and the Ultra Thin Moon which atty. Sieg describes as “absolutely amazing” and has stunning movement. It is also a historically significant mark. The movement of the first Patek Philippe Nautilus, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Overseas Vacheron-Constantin were all made by JLC. “[The brand] really knows his stuff. They have beautiful watches at really competitive prices. You can own a watch that can compete with Patek but have it at a lower price.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute

A. Lange & Söhne

The know-how of this German brand is first-rate, says the collector-lawyer. “You have a great solid watch and a great story for this watch as well.”

1815 Split-seconds Honeygold
A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Rattrapante Gold Honey

Vacheron Constantin

It’s Atti. Sieg’s favorite brand and favorite watch on his list is the Overseas. The market begins to appreciate this brand and sees its value rise. “Today, there is a long waiting list for Overseas. In online websites, they cost at least 2.8 million pesos. They go up to 3.5 million pesos or 4 million pesos.

Reference: 4300V/120G-B945 Overseas Ultra-thin Perpetual Calendar
Vacheron-Constantin Reference: 4300V/120G-B945 Overseas Extra-thin Perpetual Calendar

Grand Seiko

Some people may have dismissed the brand at first, but Atty. Sieg assures collectors that the craftsmanship of a Grand Seiko is remarkable. “You have to see it and give it a chance. It’s as solid as Rolex, probably even better than Rolex. But it’s not very popular [because] they don’t have celebrity endorsers. You really won’t miss a Rolex if you have this one,” he says.

Grand Seiko SLGH009
Grand Seiko SLGH009


Iconic for its Pilot’s Watch collection. “They’re amazing and they’re flying under the radar,” he says. Atti. Sieg assures that any collector would be satisfied with the quality of IWC watches. But since they’re not very popular with collectors, “Only people who know, know.”

The Big Pilot's Watch 43
The Big Pilot’s Watch 43 from IWC

Pictures from the brands official website

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