A commendable, yet unique courtroom drama

There is no sermon and the tone is progressive throughout the film. It is unclear if any of the apparent parallels between the central plot and the personal lives of the protagonists are truly intentional or simply coincidental. The climax feels somewhat odd and a bit of a compromise. Having to resort to judicial subjectivity to justify a verdict would only mean that the analysis of the law was inadequate in the first place. Moreover, the personal equation and ego of the protagonists takes precedence over the courtroom drama at the end.

Keerthy Suresh is the best thing about the film, looking thoroughly professional and carrying herself convincingly.

There’s no attempt to play gallery and she makes a good pairing with Tovino Thomas, who would probably have to cut back on work to make his characters unique and memorable.

Baiju Santhosh plays the other important role in the film as the lead attorney, establishing great camaraderie with the film’s protagonists. Rony David, Vanitha Krishnachandran, Suresh Kumar, Sreelakshmi and Kottayam Ramesh as magistrate have played their relatively minor roles well. And there’s Anu Mohan, sporting a common expression throughout, making her character darker than expected.

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