A Wheel of Time watch, convertible luxury jewelry and more new lines for March

Shake the pile

Moritz Glik is known for its iconic shaker designs, and the brand’s latest collection uses this signature element to create a series of unforgettable cigar band bands. The juxtaposition of chunky gold bands with transparent shaker compartments filled with joyfully plummeting gems is striking and absolutely stunning. An unbeatable idea for self-shoppers or gift shoppers looking for something really different.



18 karat yellow gold earrings with diamonds.

X’s and O’s, baby

McFarlane JewelryThe specialty of are transformable luxury jewelry made from recycled 18-karat gold, such as these beautiful XO day-night earrings, which can be worn with or without the long detachable element. The brand is a mother and daughter team that makes its jewelry by hand in a small workshop in Switzerland. Their work is beautiful, smart, and satisfyingly versatile.




Jewelery Psyche Necklace

Jewelry for mortals

Psyche Jewelery specializes in genderless bespoke fine jewelry inspired by both ancient mythology and modern architectural motifs. Their intriguing and thoughtful jewelry is subtle yet unforgettable – exactly the kind of timeless jewelry,
distinctive pieces that a demanding jewelry lover will want to wear every day.



14k white gold ring with lab-grown diamond (2 TCW).

14k white gold ring with lab-grown diamond (2 TCW).

You’re never fully dressed without one

smiling rocks‘ rethinks boldness by offering a magnificent range of solitaire engagement rings for men. The rings feature lab-grown diamonds in chic yet weighty settings with precise angles and sleek bezels that are as dignified as they are beautiful. Available in 14k gold, 18k gold or platinum and with 1-3 carat center stones.



Stainless steel watch with textured silicone strap and Swiss quartz movement.

Stainless steel watch with textured silicone strap and Swiss quartz movement.

The wheel spins

Whether you’re an old-school fan of Robert Jordan’s books or a newbie who just discovered The Wheel of Time through his TV show on Amazon Prime, you’re going to want to see Tokrof the new Wheel of Time watch. The unisex watch features a concentric pattern of ouroboros serpents, the icon of the Aes Sedai and a symbol of the powerful and eternal nature of time, alchemy and rebirth.




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