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For decades, timepieces have been an essential part of every woman’s clothing. Watches, despite the emergence of many modern gadgets, cannot be easily replaced. The watch industry, on the other hand, continues to grow, with more manufacturers and styles to choose from. You will undoubtedly find a wristwatch that suits your style, your clothes and your wallet.

Affordable is a somewhat subjective concept, especially when it comes to timepieces. Some watch enthusiasts spend tens of thousands of dollars on brands like Patek Philippe, Rolex or Audemars Piguet. However, if you are like the majority of practical fashionistas, you are looking for timepieces that are not only affordable but also great value for money. Here are some of the affordable yet reliable and trustworthy watch brands you can count on.


Oris is a Swiss watchmaker with over a century of experience. In 1904, Paul Cattin and Georges Christian created the company. Oris is a mechanical watch company that specializes in this. A distinctive red rotor design appears on all of its products. They are made with the highest quality materials and are built to last for years. Oris watches are also known for their superb quality, which is guaranteed by the company’s strict quality control and high manufacturing standards. While customers on a budget might not consider Oris watches to be particularly “affordable,” they are less expensive than other mechanical watchmakers made in Switzerland.


Rotary is a British watch company that started out as a Swiss company. Moise Dreyfuss created the company in 1895, and it is still family today. Rotary is part of the FH (Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry), which says a lot about the quality and reliability of its timepieces. She is also well known in the world of watchmaking for her heritage and commitment to its core ideals. Rotary has also won other accolades over the years. Rotary also offers a diverse assortment of watches, ranging from low-cost to high-end. You can also select a style that best suits your taste.


Timex is unquestionably one of the largest watch companies in the world today. Perhaps this is due to the manufacturer’s dedication to its ideology of producing affordable watches and clocks. It started as a small business in Waterbury, Connecticut, and is now officially listed as the Timex Group, located in the Netherlands. Its subsidiaries are in fact established all over the world, particularly in the United States, Argentina, India, Egypt and the Philippines. In addition to cost effectiveness, the brand is also known for its simplicity and robustness.

The company offers a wide range of models and even occasionally presents limited edition watches. The Timex Ironman watches, Mickey Mouse watches and the V-conic are illustrations of these special timepieces.


Casio is an electronics company based in Japan. It has supplied unique items, from finger rings to digital cameras, calculators, digital clocks to many other applications. In the 1990s, Casio started producing digital watches and has grown steadily. It now contains several famous collections such as G-Shock, Pro Trek, Baby-G, Building, Vintage, Classic & Dress.


Seiko is also a popular Japanese watch brand. Unlike Casio with its various products, as it was established in 1881 in Tokyo, Japan, Seiko specializes only in the production of high quality watches. She is committed to promoting Japanese art through her watches. In addition, Seiko is able to expand its portfolio – from reasonably priced watches to high-end watches that even keep pace with Swiss watchmakers. Regardless of the collection and its prices, Seiko watches are renowned for their sturdiness, precision and style.


You might be surprised to see Orient in this ranking as it normally contrasts with Swiss watch brands and their products could have been quite expensive. The truth is, even so, that high quality Orient watches are really very cost effective. Orient is currently a subsidiary of Seiko, but the company is always on the move to maintain its superior performance. The Classic, Orient, Sport and Bambino collections are four mainly Orient collections. An Orient watch is fashionable and believable, whatever collection you prefer.


Citizen is one of the biggest Japanese brands. It has introduced several extraordinary timepieces that have marked the history of the Japanese watch industry since its cornerstone at the Shokosha Watch Research Institute in 1918. Citizen is considered by many to be a fine starting mark that offers good value for money. price compared to its classic dress watches. to his field activists. Citizens are currently highly respected for their stylish, creative and high-quality timepieces. The Citizen Eco-Drive, and it is one of the most beautiful solar watches, is one of his excellent compilations.


Fossil is not just an American watch company. Besides its trendy watches, Fossil Design manufactures and markets products for other brands like Diesel, Michael Kors, Armani Exchange, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, New York and others in the style of the iconic tin box. . While watchmaking elites may look down on Fossil, their watches and the ones they make are some of the finest watches in fashion thanks to licensing deals. They have many designs: contemporary, sporty, elegant, etc. Quartz and Swiss movements are also available. A Fossil watch that matches your predilection is fairly easy to locate.


Invicta is a Swiss watch company that started in 1837. But due to its profitability, many are quite uncertain about Invicta watches. One of the most frequently asked questions is how Invicta can get so expensive and often get sold. Although Invicta boasts of Swiss heritage, not all watches are made entirely in Switzerland. Many of its product lines are Asian and have Japanese quartz movements. That doesn’t mean, that being said, that Invicta watches shouldn’t be bought. They still have the visual appeal of luxury at a reasonable price. If you like the look of Invicta with its huge and often decorated dials, they offer top quality at very affordable prices.

In a word

Some of the brands mentioned above are household names while many other names may be new to you. The common thread is that all of these manufacturers offer reliable and consistent top-ups at reasonable prices, which are likely offered by people with average pay. Please rest assured that with these brands of watches you won’t worry about the quality.

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