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Tissot watches for men are absolutely amazing. Although they are also designed for women, it seems that Tissot has had a special bond with men for much longer. This is no surprise to those of us who have ever owned a Tissot watch.

These watches look as professional as possible without the major expense of a company like Rolex. Each of their watches is also built to last, so you never have to worry about paying for a watch that won’t last.

Tissot are a company based in Switzerland, therefore all of their watches are made with the famous Swiss care behind them. For those who don’t know, the Swiss are legendary with the way they make a number of things. Watches are considered one of the best things to ever come out of the Swiss nation.

Unlike many other watch companies, Tissot has its own way of making a watch that is different from others. It is common to see Quartz used to operate watches as most of us know them. Yet Tissot has its own way of dealing with this, which has also become very popular. This is often the reason why you will see Tissot watches ranking so high for people.

They still use quartz operation in their watches. However, every time you see “Swiss Quartz” you should probably know that this is a watch designed by Tissot. It becomes complicated to explain what Quartz is.

However, in layman’s terms… it’s basically how a clock moves on its own, powered by a quartz crystal. Some watches don’t need it while others do, mostly based on the design. Tissot handles this in its own way, using Quartz only when needed.

When you make your business literally unique inside all of your watches, that’s awesome. Yet what types of watches do they have, you will ask? Let’s break them down!

Types of Tissot watches

The types of watches that Tissot sells are the T-Touch, T-Classic, T-Sport, T-Gold, T-Pocket, and Patrimony. Each, of course, brings something different to the table compared to the other. It can come in a number of ways.

Usually it has to do with the fashion of the watch itself, but other times it has to do with the brand of the watch. Let’s explain ourselves.

The T-Touch section is a stronger line that can last in just about any condition. There is no touchscreen as some might believe. This is mainly due to the fact that no matter what touches it, the watch will hold up. They’re designed to work in just about any environment depending on how they’re made, combined with water resistance, among other features.

The T-Classic has to do with the Tissot watches that made them famous. A vintage-style look without going too far in its understatement. They are an updated look combined with a past love. Some of the watches are made of leather as well as mesh or stainless steel. Ultimately, they definitely stand out in a crowd.

T-Sport is a line of watches designed for riggers to play outdoors. However, they are also designed for adventures as well as hiking, cave exploring, and camping. Some of them even have team logos on them. Tissot adds a lot to these by request, so it’s worth investing in a custom sports watch. They are very durable and will last for a while.

The T-Pocket Line involves your basic pocket watches from older days. They are truly unique masterpieces in our opinion. Tissot always does well with its watches, but they take special care in the making of their line of pocket watches. They are made for the professional man on the go, who wants to look really fashionable.

The T-Or line is how it looks. All of the watches in this line have a gold shape as part of their model. Some are fully gilded while others have gilded clock hands, side plates, etc. Overall, this line is really gorgeous and can go with just about anything you could wear. However, we recommend that you only use them in professional environments. Just to let you know, they didn’t use real gold in these watches. We know it disappointed us too. Still, they charge thousands of dollars for this line, so they can eventually add gold!

Finally, the Heritage Line by Tissot is really special. It is the only line without a “T” in front of it. This is for good reason, because it is not made to be like other watches. They offer a few different types here as well. The classic Quartz, Mechanical and Automatic. These last two are specially manufactured by the Tissot brand. They have a classic 40’s look with beautiful chronographs for the most part.

Price range:

The price range of Tissot watches, like so many other brands of men’s watches, varies widely. This is due to so many reasons when it comes to Tissot. However, the main reason why this is happening for Tissot is probably because of what is new or takes the most to do.

The first types we mentioned were most of the time less than $ 300. During this time, these were in the thousands. Some were even gold plated, so they will always be worth more when using materials like this. With all of this taken into account, it makes perfect sense that the prices will vary.

This means that you are watching a wild range from $ 50 to $ 3,000.

Tissot has a very good warranty on all of its watches. The warranty covers you up to 2 years from the date of purchase. This takes effect when you purchase the watch from the Tissot website. However, you can buy their watches from several different places.

This means that you need to go to the Tissot website and register your watch to make sure it is eligible for its warranty. You need to do this within the first few days of purchasing your watch so Tissot has you in their system and not assume it is outdated if you only sign up when it is broken.

You can go here to register when you buy a Tissot watch.

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