Best Watch Brands: Different Types of Women’s Watch Brands at Affordable Rates

Accessories are a woman’s best friend! They can turn a boring outfit into something beautiful. Plus, they make you stand out from the crowd. For some people, a watch may be nothing more than a timepiece, but for others it is also a fashion accessory that enhances their outfit. Every woman who loves fashion must have these watches in her arsenal. Here we have the best watch brands for women. We have a mix of top watch brands, famous watch brands and new watch brands to choose from.

The best watch brands for women:

1. Sports watch

V2A Analog Digital Sports Watch

Women today are much more health and fitness conscious. In this case, a fancy, fancy watch just doesn’t do the trick. Indeed, fancy watches can easily be scratched, dented or damaged by rough surfaces, knocks, knocks and more. However, the best solution would be a sports watch made from durable materials and featuring a transparent dial for easy veining. Digital types are preferred over analog types because of the ease of telling time. Most women love a piece that matches their workout outfit as it gives them a trendy look.

Price: Rs.940

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2. Wristwatch

Skylofts 18k gold plated wristwatch

For many women, a watch is more than a timepiece. It is also an adornment or a jewel. If some women adorn it to match an outfit, others, on the contrary, wear it just to stay in tune with the times. This watch looks like a bracelet. However, it also includes a small watch, which has the basic minimum. This accessory always looks classy and elegant and comes in a sophisticated, classic or modern design. Which means it’s perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a date night, a girls’ night out, or even dinner.


Price: 649 rupees

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3. Wristwatch

YouBella luxury wristwatch in 18k rose gold

There is always some confusion between a bracelet and a bangle watch. Although they both seem to lean more on the ornamental side, they still serve as functional watches. A wristwatch is more suited to the minimalist, western appeal. However, a wristwatch can even match your traditional attire. You can choose to wear it with other bracelets on the same hand or adorn the watch on the one hand and the normal bracelet(s) on the other. It is a small and light piece.


Price: Rs.842

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4. Connected watch

boAt Xtend Smartwatch with built-in Alexa

We live in a technological world. This means that new developments and devices are always launched on the market. To play and play the role, many women need to own a smartwatch. It is a techy unit that allows you to take advantage of the latest innovations. With this watch, you can answer a phone call, send and receive text messages, emails and more. The watch can easily be paired with other smart devices. It also monitors your fitness, health, heart rate, oxygen, and sleep cycle.


Price: Rs.2999

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5. Fashion Watch

Pintime crystal watch

It’s a known fact that many women love all things shiny and fancy. These women have a penchant for jewelry that is easily noticed from afar. With this in mind, you can opt for this trendy watch, adorned with Czech rhinestones. This watch is for women who really want to stand out or make a bold fashion statement.


Price: Rs.4033

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6. Two-tone watch

Fossil Riley Analog Silver Dial Women’s Watch

It is one of the oldest trends on the market, which comes in two different tones. So if you’re an indecisive woman who can’t decide between a gold or silver watch, opt for this timepiece that sports both colors. This watch offers more versatility when it comes to pairing it with different outfits for different occasions.


Price: Rs.9995

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7. Leather Strap Watch

Women’s Titan Leather Watch

It is a common timepiece and appreciated for its simplicity and versatility. The case is mostly metal while the strap is leather. It can come in a plain or textured finish and in different colors. But black and brown seem to be the most popular choices. This watch is suitable for many occasions, including office wear, shopping, dinner parties and casual wear.


Price: Rs.1945

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In a nutshell, these are the types of watches that every fashion-loving woman must own. Here we have mentioned top watch brands, best watch brands, famous watch brands and most affordable watch brands to choose from. These watches will not only enhance your everyday style, but will also provide you with great utility and durability.

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