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Today, Dirty Honey releases a brand new music video, “Another Last Time”, a meticulously crafted real-time escapade that immerses the viewer in the action from the first frame to the last, unfolding in one continuous take of five minutes. Four separate but intertwined storylines play out simultaneously in a no-frills budget motel somewhere in the California desert – a married cop and his mistress, a cheating gambler, two daughters’ shared thrill of committing robbery, and a drug addict. You can see the video here.

With the band’s previous music videos being mostly performance-based, Dirty Honey’s Marc LaBelle and APLUSFILMZ director Scott Fleishman (Dirty Honey’s “Rollin’ 7s”, “California Dreamin'” and “The Wire” videos) wanted to do something something completely different for this video. LaBelle said, “The lyrics of the song tell the story of a toxic relationship that you can’t seem to get out of, and you keep coming back for more. But it’s just as much a song about any addiction or compulsion, anything you can’t give up – drugs, money, danger, whatever. Shooting the video like we did was a real challenge, but I think when you take on something special like this and succeed, you come out with something really great. And I think we did.

Fleishman adds that shooting this video was no small feat. “It was an ambitious technical undertaking, especially since in this video the camera was as much a performer as a recorder. Additionally, we used an anamorphic lens which captures an extremely wide point of view and really places the viewer in the room. Each sequence was planned and timed to the second and repeated multiple times. Everything had to be in sync, the performances of the actors, the camera movements, especially when the camera emerged from one of the motel rooms to find Marc on the catwalk singing the lyrics to the song. It took us about 12 hours to shoot this video, and we probably did a total of about 40 takes to get it all right.

“Another Last Time” video features Derek Phillips – Billy Riggins from the NBC-TV series “Friday Nights Lights” – TikTok influencers Elizabeth Marochok and Emma Jade, and actress Christiana Lucas from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “The Last Stand” .

Dirty Honey has just kicked off Young Guns, the 34-city co-headlining tour with Mammoth WVH, with both bands firmly committed to proving that rock ‘n’ roll is alive and well. Upcoming tour dates and ticket purchase information can be accessed HERE.

“Another Last Time” Credits:

Directed by Scott Fleishman

Executive Produced by Marc LaBelle

Produced by Nick Hayes, Fredo Tovar and Edwin Tovar

Asst. Producer • Carlos Gonzalez & Owen Cox

Photography by SEVENEIGHT

Steadicam • Andreas Raygoza

1st Ac • Amir Rose Aminfu

Gaffer • Sebastian Kolderup

Key taking • Sultan Mars

Swing G&E • Zed Friedman

G&E Swing • Liam Shore

Artistic Director • Red Ortiz

Casting Director • Masha Ko

Edited by Scott Fleishman

Visual effects by Teddy Walter

Shot on location at the Four Aces Movie Ranch in Palmdale, CA

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