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Golden retriever dogs have met their human’s baby for the first time and their reaction is just adorable to watch.

Dogs are such wonderful pets and their bond with their human’s baby is heartwarming to watch. It’s nice to watch videos that showcase the close bond between dogs and babies. Dogs protect babies from their humans and are gentle with them. A video of two golden retriever dogs meeting their human’s baby for the first time will melt your heart how adorable he is.

The video was posted on the chiefpups Instagram page dedicated to two golden retrievers named Marshall and Theo. “Meeting my baby sister for the first time,” reads a text insert on the video. The dogs were so excited to meet the baby and couldn’t help wagging their tails. They are seen watching the baby and even showing him their toys.

“Meeting my baby sister for the first time,” the video caption says. The video was posted with the hashtags #babysister, #newborn, #newbestfriend, #chiefpups.

Watch the video below:

The video was posted on July 10 and has received over 2.5 million views to date. It also racked up over 1.65 lakh likes and prompted netizens to share their thoughts in the comments.

“This baby will have double protection!” commented an Instagram user. “The Goldens are the best…so sweet and gentle. I lost mine in April and miss it everyday,” another wrote. “They adore their little sister,” said a third. “How nice to bring your toy,” another person posted.

The Instagram account of the two dogs Marshall and Theo has 1.05 lakh followers.

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