Good reasons why you should buy an expensive watch


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Watches serve many purposes for different types of people. People have different preferences as to which timepiece they want to wear. The factor that separates these preferences is the price, and you will clearly see this with expensive watches.

Designer watches are among the most expensive machines in the world. Many popular watch companies and companies thrive and take pride in creating their own exquisite and elaborate designs. These watches cater to a specific demographic that others tend to view as exclusive.

However, if you want to buy one, you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself for wanting it. You can pay a high price, but there are some benefits that come with this high amount of money. Here are some great reasons why you shouldn’t buy an expensive watch.

High quality and durability

One of the main motivators why people prefer expensive watches is their quality. Most of the time, we associate high prices with high quality, and this is true of most brands that sell expensive watches. They make these timepieces with the best materials for watchmaking, which is part of the reason why they are expensive.

A luxury watch is made to stand the test of time and last for decades. When you take good care of it, it can last even longer. This in itself is a sufficient incentive to spend a lot of money on a single watch.

So buying an expensive Seiko watch or any other brand will keep you ready for many years to come. You can even pass it on to your son, daughter and their children as an inheritance. With its superior quality, you will be able to cherish and leave a legacy in the form of your watch.

Earn profits

Buying an expensive watch can earn you money. For example, you can sell luxury watches 20% more than the original price that cost you in just four years. This is because the demand for such watches exceeds its supply.

Typically, manufacturers only produce a limited number of luxury watches. This is what creates the demand which increases their value over time. The luxury watch market dictates the prices, which is why it continues to rise.

The general rule is that the more sought after a watch, the higher its value will be. So, once you decide that you don’t need the watch anymore, you can sell it and even earn more than the money you paid for it. However, you can’t wait too long to sell an expensive watch because, like everything else, it also depreciates.

You may want to consider consulting with an appraiser to find out how much the value of your watch will increase in value soon to plan when to sell it.

Own a transferable asset

Expensive watches are also wearable assets. You can sell them quickly due to the demand it attracts and are flexible as well. You can convert them to cash faster and more safely and get them insured.

Additionally, luxury watches do not depreciate as quickly as other expensive assets like luxury cars. So you can be sure that you are enjoying the pleasures of wearing a designer watch knowing that you can enjoy them in the future.

A symbol of success

Wearing an expensive watch also serves as a symbol of your accomplishments. First of all, it’s a symbol of pride that you can buy one through your hard work. Second, it serves as a confidence booster that indicates how far you’ve come.

Not everyone can buy a top quality designer watch in their lifetime, and being able to do so is a significant achievement. The watch will have special meaning for you, adding to its sentimental value as you pass it on.

Invest in your style

In addition to keeping track of time, watches also serve as jewelry that complements your style. So you can buy an expensive watch to enhance or complement your style. Whether it’s for a wedding, party, or client meetings for your corporate job, it’s not wrong to invest in your style.

An expensive watch captures an appeal that only it can. The fact that most of them are limited edition adds to that. So if you are going for a more luxurious approach to your fashion style, buying one is a great choice.


Spending a lot of money on a watch is not a crime. So you shouldn’t feel guilty, especially if you’ve had your eyes on a high-quality timepiece for some time. As long as you’ve worked hard for it, there’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself with a beautiful new designer watch.

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