How much did the watch dear to the legendary boxer cost?


Floyd Mayweather has never stopped spending millions of dollars to buy some of the most luxurious products in the world. The 43-year-old boxer enjoys flaunting his beloved collection of cars, jewelry and especially his watches.

In 2018, “Money” purchased a 260-carat diamond watch, labeled “The Billionaire Watch”. According to Esquire, Mayweather spent $ 18 million to purchase the lavish wristwatch.

It contains 239 emerald-cut baguette diamonds and each diamond weighs almost three carats. The first edition of the watch was introduced in 2015 by well-known wristwatch retail company Jacob & Co. The watch face is rectangular in shape and also features 18k white gold.

In 2019, Floyd Mayweather posted a video on his Instagram account, where he flashed his collection of 41 luxury watches. In the video, the undefeated boxer said he takes 30 watches with him for 30 days of vacation.

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“You know what’s crazy, people are always in my damn business worried about what I’m doing … Now if I go on vacation it’s my fault when I go on paycation for 30 days, I ‘take 30 watch with me. But you know what, the crazy thing is if we add ten more days, I take ten more watches, but then I say,’ f ** k it ‘, if I want to bring out the one and only, then I take out the watch which costs $ 18 million, ”Mayweather said.

Is Floyd Mayweather’s billionaire watch the most expensive watch in the world?

Although Floyd Mayweather’s 260-carat diamond watch cost him $ 18 million, it is not the most expensive watch in the world. According to autoevolution, “The Graff Hallucination” is the most expensive watch priced at $ 55 million. It contains 110 carats of rare colored diamonds.

“The Graff Fascination” is the second most expensive watch valued at $ 40 million, with a stunning 152.96 carats of white diamonds. The “Chopard 201 Carat” watch is the third on the list priced at $ 25 million.

Recently Floyd Mayweather bought another splendid watch for his newborn grandson, Kentrell Jr. He reportedly shelled out $ 45,000 for his five week old grandson, born to Yaya Mayweather and NBA rapper Youngboy.

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