Hublot’s indulgent in-store service should carry more watch brands


When it comes to the ultra-competitive world of high-end watchmaking, each brand has its particular niche.

Sometimes it’s a branded design, like the square cases from Bell & Ross or the large date windows from A. Lange & Söhne. Maybe it’s a performance consideration, like Grand Seiko’s unique Spring Drive movements or Piaget’s ultra-thin models.

Hublot’s niche, however, might simply be variety. The iconoclastic and ultra-futuristic Swiss brand currently produces more than 500 different models in five extensive collections. From chronographs and fine watches to smartwatches and everything in between, the breadth of Hublot’s work is unlike any other watchmaker in the industry.

But that’s not all. Hublot is also the industry leader in the personalization of bracelets and bracelets. Virtually all of their models are available with dozens of different strap options: since many other brands treat models with different straps as completely different SKUs, you could argue that Hublot offers literally thousands of different models.

Needless to say, Hublot’s bracelet personalization service is something quite special; a breath of fresh air in what can be a very stifling industry at times – and an approach that more watch brands can learn a lot from.

L: unveils goodies from the Hublot store in Sydney. A: test different bracelets around a glass of Veuve.

We had the chance to experience Hublot’s bracelet personalization service in person at their Sydney CBD store on King Street. The friendly boutique staff had literally hundreds of bracelets in store ready to try on with their multitude of watches. From alligator leather to durable rubber or velcro fabric, the kaleidoscope in different colors and strap options was mind blowing.

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It is also helpful that many of Hublot’s most popular models, such as the Big Bang or the Spirit of Big Bang, have a ‘one-click’ quick-change strap system that makes it easy to experiment with different straps. bracelet options. It’s not just the straps that you can change, you can even customize the buckle clasp, which features the same interchangeable system technology.

If you can’t make it to the store, Hublot also offers a rather user-friendly online strap selector that makes it easy to view the full range of straps on the watch of your choice.

Taste the rainbow.

Why is this bracelet personalization service so special? Because variety is the spice of life. Watch fans have long known how changing the strap of a watch is the most dramatic way to change the way it looks – a new strap can make your watch feel like an entirely new piece of timepiece. The fact that Hublot offers so many strap options in-house is rather unique and offers yet another point of difference in the watch arms race.

It also makes the whole process of buying a watch even more special. Selecting a bracelet is a really beautiful part of the watch buying process that is often overlooked; just as important as choosing a watch itself. Again, this is another point of difference, especially when it comes to the in-store experience.

Quick-change versions and more internal strap options seem to be the way for the watch industry to go. Hublot’s offering stands out as a particularly luxurious, hassle-free and expansive offering that sets the tone for other high-end watchmakers.

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