November 2015 – independent ranking of cash loans

Check current cash loan offers that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. The low installment guaranteed in bank advertisements is often just an excellent marketing ploy. You need to be aware that some of the available debts are very bad and that instead of helping you can cause even more problems.

People who are not exactly interested in the products and do not care about checking all the costs of the loan put themselves at risk. This way it is easier to get caught on all kinds of hooks and adverse conditions. Therefore, before signing the contract in the bank, think about several times which banking product will be the best for you.

Cheap and fast

Cash loans are extremely attractive in terms of ease of obtaining and cost. Although you can get non-bank loans almost immediately, you will pay much more for such services, and the repayment period of such debt is no more than a few months.

A bank loan, apart from the minimum amount of formalities, also ensures a high maximum loan amount and even a several-year repayment period of equal monthly installments that will not be burdensome for you. If you are thinking of taking a loan, first of all think about what monthly installment will not be too expensive for you. When you decide on a loan that will be difficult to pay back, you can seriously regret your decision.

We will tell you which offers on the market currently deserve more attention and interest. It is from these loans that you may be able to choose the best debt that will help you get out of temporary financial trouble.

Loan and Credit Polbank – A tailor-made loan – without interest

  • Interest rate – 0.00%
  • Commission – 9.00%
  • Repayment period – 96 months

Good Finance Bank – 5% loan with guarantee

  • Interest rate – 5.00%
  • Commission – 0.00%
  • Repayment period – 120 months

Eurobank – Annual bonus loan

  • Interest rate – 5.00%
  • Commission – 3.00%
  • Repayment period – 96 months

The above offers guarantee the lowest total loan

The above offers guarantee the lowest total loan

Cost for any purpose, as well as no hidden additional fees. The long maximum repayment period, especially at Good Finance Bank, will allow each borrower to reduce the monthly installment and to obtain a higher credit rating.

Nominal interest rates on the market are still very low due to deflation and reduced NBP interest rates. However, unfavorable changes should be expected in this respect already at the end of this year.

It is therefore the perfect time

To make a decision on debt and enjoy additional cash, regardless of what purpose you plan to spend it on.

To get even faster you can decide to apply online. Thanks to this, you can easily contact a bank employee who will present you an offer tailored to your options without leaving your home. Completing and sending the application is possible completely free of charge on our website, which we encourage you to do.

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