Portugal and France teams had the most expensive watch collections at Euro 2020


A report compiled by watch specialist Watchfinder & Co found that Portuguese gamers owned a watch collection totaling £ 5.4million, with France (£ 1.9million) and England ( £ 1.8million) in second and third

Watchfinder & Co specialists have drawn up a team picture with the most expensive watch collections of Euro 2020

Tournament favorites France and Portugal may have collapsed from Euro 2020, but they won another competition – having the most valuable watch collections.

Watchmaking experts have calculated the combined value of timepieces from a multitude of European teams.

The big winner was Portugal with a collection of watches valued at at least £ 5.4million.

Players like Cristiano Ronaldo have personal collections including a Franck Muller Cintre Tourbillon and a Breguet Double Tourbillon set with diamonds – estimated at over £ 1,000,000 and £ 560,000 respectively.

Defensive midfielder William Carvalho owns at least two Audemars Piguet Royal Oaks and a Richard Mille RM010, with an estimated total value of £ 120,000.

The report, compiled by pre-owned watch specialist Watchfinder & Co, also found that despite a disappointing exit from Switzerland, France has the second most valuable collection at a cost of just over $ 1.9 million. pound sterling.

Portugal are a clear leader when it comes to team watch values



Paul Pogba and Ousmane Dembele share an affinity for the rare and expensive Patek Philippi, with Dembele benefiting from a Patek chronograph in 5976 white gold, which was produced to celebrate 40 years of the Nautilus.

Meanwhile, Pogba has been spotted wearing a Nautilus 5719 model set with white gold factory diamonds – these two watches alone are valued at £ 700,000.

England – fresh out of tournament glory after beating Germany 2-0, came third on the list with a collection estimated at around £ 1.8million.

French midfielder Paul Pogba and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo have two of the report’s most expensive watch collections


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With 17 Rolexes occupying a large part of the team’s collection, it could be said that they have a fondness for the Geneva watchmaker.

Other notable pieces from the team’s ‘cabinet’ include Harry Kane’s 5164R Aquanaut Travel Time and a 5980R Nautilus Chronograph valued at an estimated £ 265,000.

Marcus Rashford is in possession of a highly sought after Richard Mille RM35-02 (aka Nadal) – this watch alone is valued at around £ 360,000.

Marcus Rashford is in possession of a highly sought after Richard Mille RM35-02

The fourth and fifth places in the ranking of watchmaking values ​​went to the teams from Spain and Germany, respectively.

And Switzerland, the spiritual homeland of luxury watches, only managed to rank eighth on the list.

A spokesperson for Watchfinder & Co said: “Footballers have long been recognized for their impressive watch collections and we thought this year’s Euro was the perfect opportunity to establish which national team really owns the collection. the most precious.

“Our list won’t be exhaustive as we’re sure these players have even more extraordinary timepieces tucked away in their homes, but it’s fascinating to look at each player’s personal taste and style – a great reminder of the diversity of the watch industry.

A Patek Philippe Aquanaut similar to the one worn by Harry Kane



“With Ronaldo in their squad, it was hardly surprising that Portugal top the table this year, their personal watch collection already exceeds £ 4.5million alone.

“Rolex continues to be the most popular among the soccer elite with an average of 10 Rolex watches per national team.

“And although Germany has a little less Rolex in its collection than its competitors, it has the widest variety of brands with Rolex, Hublot, Patek Philippe, IWC and TAG Heuer all appearing on their wrists.

“Despite the results, one could argue that Switzerland is the ‘real winner’ here as the vast majority of these timepieces are indeed Swiss.”


1. Portugal – £ 5.4million

2. France – £ 1.9 million

3. England – £ 1.8m

4. Spain – £ 1million

5. Germany – £ 870,000

6. Italy – £ 716,000

7. Netherlands – £ 631,000

8. Switzerland – 554k

9. Croatia – 533k

10. Austria – 516k

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