Question Time: Watch how Julia Hartley-Brewer’s climate change nonsense gets busted

The broadcaster’s claims about net zero and the push for more fracking and nuclear power generation have been absolutely demolished by public pundit and SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford – leaving the controversial commentator backed into a corner.

A sustainability consultant has asked why the UK is still considering domestic fossil fuel extraction given the climate crisis. (Remember the UK hosted COP26 just a few months ago…)

After Hartley-Brewer insisted the net-zero goals had been chosen at random, the audience member shouted, “It’s not about a date, it’s about a reduction in global atmospheric carbon emissions to reduce global temperature rise.”

A smug-faced Hartley-Brewer asked what this would accomplish, prompting the guest to explain that minimizing emissions would prevent ecosystem collapse. The broadcaster laughed and insisted no, without providing any evidence to support the claim.

The public pundit then called Hartley-Brewer a climate denier, before schooling her, saying: “This is a global issue, and it’s not about individual targets – it’s about everyone working together to reduce atmospheric carbon to reduce rising temperatures, so we let’s not see an escalation in the collapse of ecosystems around the world, an increase in weather volatility, floods, wildfires, refugee crises, displacement of people.Climate change is a huge catastrophe.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Unsurprisingly, Hartley-Brewer got no response other than to laugh and shake her head.

At this point, SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford stepped in to add his two cents and further embarrass the radio host.

“We’ve just had a ScotWind cycle in the last few weeks and we’re greenlighting 11 gigawatts of new offshore wind capacity. We have 25% of [Europe’s] wind capacity on Scottish shores… we could increase our green power in Scotland over the next 25 years by around five times our current situation. By the way, we can also provide base load with tidal power, which can reduce the need for nuclear that was discussed.

“We can ensure that we can safely and affordably supply the green energy we need.”

The National:

Exactly, Ian. What is the point of these hypothetical conversations about nuclear and fracking when Scotland has such incredible renewable potential waiting to be tapped? We’re sure there’s no hidden right-wing agenda on this one…

Hartley-Brewer and Nigel Farage’s effort to deny net zero and Brexit-ifying climate action is dangerous nonsense. We have a climate crisis. Action is needed – and is absolutely within reach.

We also can’t help but think that they aren’t too keen on the idea of ​​Scotland succeeding through their own resources…

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