Rolex Daytona Now Most Expensive Watch Ever Sold In Online Auction


A Rolex Daytona watch set Sotheby’s own record for the most expensive watch ever sold in the UK.

No matter the rain, the sun, or the looming global recession, it seems Rolex’s position in vintage (the entire watch market, really) remains pretty much unassailable. More recently, this fact of watchmaking life was confirmed by the sale of another vintage Daytona – this time, the “John Player Special”.

Named after the livery used by Lotus Formula One team cars from 1972 to 1986, the “John Player Special” (JPS) is widely regarded as one of the most sought-after and rare variations of the Rolex. Daytona 6264 standard. The current example, sold by Sotheby’s UK office last Friday, was valued at an initial range of £ 320,000 to £ 650,000. But, as is so often the case, pre-auction estimates have proven to be conservative – with this particular JPS at a final price of £ 1,215,000. The news arrives like another feather in the hat for vintage Daytona collectors around the world.

Named after the “John Player” livery worn by Lotus F1 team cars throughout the 1970s, the Ref. 6264 is one of the rarest and most desirable Daytona setups among Rolex enthusiasts.

As part of the sale of this Ref. 6264, Sotheby’s has managed to break a number of significant records that go beyond the “most expensive watch at an online auction”. On the one hand, it now holds the title of the most expensive wristwatch ever sold by Sotheby’s in the United Kingdom. In addition, the price of £ 1.2million also sets a new benchmark for the JPS Daytona variant.

Perhaps the commodities traders were right: in times of crisis, go for gold.

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(Main and featured image: Rolex)

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