Stop! We’ve been cooking rice the wrong way around all this time


Through Journalist November 25, 2019

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Cooking rice may seem like one of the easiest things to do in the world, right? Just fill a pot with rice and water and let it boil.

But according to one chef, this is the wrong way to cook rice. In an episode of the BBC’s “Inside the Factory”, presenter Cherry Healey asked chef Manisha Bhardwaj how to make the staple of the table that has been around for decades.

Manisha mentioned three things to prevent your rice from becoming starchy.

Step 1:

Rinse your rice before cooking it. This prevents the rice grains from getting clogged when you boil them.

2nd step:

Select the correct pan. “You want to choose a pan that has a thick bottom and a tight fitting lid,” she advised.

Step 3:

Don’t boil it like you do with pasta. Chef Manisha made sure to cook his grains using the absorption technique.

What is the absorption technique?

By measuring just the right amount of water, she said it allows the rice to absorb it without becoming soggy or dry.

“One measure of rice is double the amount of water by volume. This is crucial.

If you haven’t yet perfected the art of cooking rice, British chef Gordon Ramsay explains in the video below how to cook basmati rice – the king of all rice.

Like Manisha, Ramsay also begins by rinsing off the dust and starch in cold water, which he says “keeps the rice from getting lumpy in the pan.”

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