Teenagers saved from drowning in a frozen lake in no time. Watch the video

Some firefighters were training in the right place at the right time as they rescued two teenage boys who fell through the ice in a lake in Missouri.

Video of the incident shows the strenuous efforts of firefighters to extract the teenagers and carefully slide them through the ice of Creve Coeur Lake.

The Maryland Heights Fire Protection District published an article about the rescue operation on his Facebook page. While firefighters were undergoing ice rescue training on February 9, one of their leaders spotted two people running across the lake. And in less than 15 seconds, the ice broke and they fell inside.

The training exercise then turned into a real rescue operation. Four rescuers from the Maryland Heights Fire Protection District team as well as the Pattonville Fire Protection District and Creve Coeur Fire Protection District ventured into the ice and quickly rescued the teens .

The Maryland Heights Fire Protection District also warned people to stay off the ice. “We ask one thing of everyone: stay off the ice! These 2 were lucky with their result because we had crews in seconds but not everyone is so lucky,” he wrote on Facebook.

The 5:18 minute video shared on the MH Fire YouTube channel shows an elevated view of the frozen lake. Firefighters are seen scrambling to save the teenagers from drowning. They are then seen pulling one of the teenagers in the middle of the broken ice and sliding across the frozen lake using a rope.

In a video shared by BBC, one of the firefighters said: ‘When we got close to them they were definitely going hypothermic. One of the individuals was very, very lethargic.

Another firefighter said: ‘We went from kind of standing up talking about the ice to kind of rehashing what you just did to actually have to get out.

The clip shared on February 9 has garnered over 10,000 views so far and the rescue team has been applauded online. “Wow! These kids were so lucky. I’m so glad you all trained and it turned out positively,” one user commented.

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