The 10 best watch brands for 2021



Buying a watch can be … intimidating. You have to consider the price, size, style and with a plethora of options available, where to start? If your Rolex dreams are unlikely to come true this year, why not turn to affordable watch brands that make great pieces at an affordable price? Yes, landing a luxury watch is a dream, but when you fantasize about the iconic Crash de Cartier watch, time only passes slower. Think about it: branding a unique watch without spending more than $ 200? Seems like a good deal to me.

As iconic watchmakers set the bar for excellence, smaller, emerging brands are worth watching – they keep the pulse of the industry by producing cutting-edge styles that won’t break the bank. Check out these watches available from brands that we really follow.

Shadow Emerald

Vanna LA

$ 175.00

Are you looking for a brand that challenges the status quo? Vanna does exactly that. Designed in Los Angeles, these pieces strike a balance between elegance and utility with their striking designs.

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$ 150.00

Founded by sister-in-law duo Shabeena and Amir Beeghani, BREDA had a rich history before becoming its own entity. This family business was founded in 2009, but its roots go back to the 1950s, when their grandfather started selling watches in India when the market was empty.

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€ 129.95

If style isn’t enough, knowing that Amalys is donating part of its profits to organizations supporting LGBTQ + rights and women’s empowerment should be a reason to buy this brand.

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Light olive

Time will tell Watches

$ 90.00

I mean, have you ever seen a watch like this? Designed by the late Stewart Unger, this watch exudes individuality. Today, Unger’s right-hand man, Stacey Hoover, keeps the dream alive by expanding what was originally available in six colors to 25 unique combinations. Light olive happens to be a favorite, but take a look at the other colors available, you won’t be disappointed.

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Storm Watches

£ 139.99

With self-expression being the driving force behind Storm Watches, there is no need to further explain why you should take a look. I know we thought we had flying cars now, but I’m going to settle for these futuristic pieces that are anything but conventional.

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Stellar Radiance Gold Ring Watch

Numeric watches

$ 85.00

This watch is also a ring, and who doesn’t love both for one? Made in New York City, the brand’s commitment to innovation and accessibility has allowed Digits to thrive since 1987.

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Ferocious Petite


$ 129.00

Amsterdam label Cluse has made a name for itself since it hit the scene in 2013. Believing that beautiful designs don’t require extreme sacrifice, the blue touch added to this piece is the perfect balance between subtle and striking.

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Oxford Circus Round-Mesh Rose Gold Watch

Victoria hyde

€ 109.00

Is she pretty? Founder Tian Yao aims to capture the essence of femininity in her watch creations. She seeks to dispel the idea that watches were made primarily for men.

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The Hillendale

Spring watches

$ 79.99

Drawing inspiration from their community, each watch from this black-owned brand is an ode to the culture and experiences of Fayetteville, North Carolina. The result? Vibrant watches that will attract all eyes.

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Reveal BRASS watch

Project watches

$ 135.00

What I find most interesting about this watch: The message behind its design. It was created to remind you how important it is to live in the present. As the wearer looks at the fading glass over the past and future hours, they are called to remember that what matters most is the present moment.

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