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The video featuring the kitten and meeting the puppy for the first time was posted on Reddit.

People often like to watch these videos which feature interactions between cats and dogs. These are the clips that usually leave people smiling and lift their mood almost instantly. For example, this video posted on Reddit which presents the first meeting between a kitten and a puppy.

The video opens to show a cat and a dog standing in front of a window with half-drawn curtains. At first, the kitten tries to touch the doggie but a curtain obstructs its approach. However, soon the duo start poking each other using their paws while playing.

“The first time my puppy and my kitten met! reads the caption posted with the clip. Take a look at the sweet video which may leave you with a huge smile.

The video was shared about 10 hours ago. Since its release, the clip has racked up over 1,800 upvotes and the numbers are only growing. The sharing also prompted people to post various comments. Some couldn’t help but comment on how the duo gently interacted with each other.

“It’s so funny to see dogs and cats trying to establish a common way of playing,” wrote one Reddit user. “Best friends in the making. Keep us posted,” another posted. “They’re perfect for each other,” a third commented. “Omg that’s cute!” posted a fourth.

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