The new LV Spin Time watch is on!

Luis Vuitton launched his branded watch line, Tambour, in 2002. A few years later, in 2010, the brand unveiled its first in-house movement dubbed Spin Time. What you see here is the latest iteration of the original concept – the Spin Time Air Quantum Drum.

Aesthetically, it’s a stunning job with all the hour cubes lit by multiple LEDs. The user can illuminate the dial by simply pressing a button on the crown. Since the aforementioned LEDs are battery-powered, this is essentially a watch that merges mechanical features with electronics.

The lighting system is powered by two batteries and should not need replacing for three years. However, if you’re the edgy type, there’s a handy battery life indicator at the base of the crown.

While the watch’s Spin Time system has a standard minute hand, the time is displayed through one of twelve rotating cubes that transition from yellow to black.

The 42.5mm titanium case has a matte black coating, while the dial features the LV monogram in luminous yellow. The back of the case is made of sapphire crystal.

The Louis Vuitton Tambour Spin Time Air Quantum watch is now available for around AED 340,000.

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