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Pet parents love to pamper their fur babies, whether it’s with new toys, treats or a nice bath. While many dogs don’t like grooming appointments, here’s a dog that loves to shower. In a video posted on Instagram, Floyd the dog enjoys a brushing session.

The video opens to show Floyd on his back, catching pets and drying off after his grooming session. He can be seen changing position, to cover all angles. The text of the video reads “Few dogs truly appreciate their groom…and then there’s Floyd!”. In the end, the Blackbird lies down putting on his beautiful blue bow.

The video was captioned “Floyd is the cutest dog in the world and he loves being blow dried. Since being shared a few days ago, the video has racked up 99 views and 11 likes on the page. Instagram of the groomer who has 672 followers.

Watch it below:

One Instagram user writes in the comments section “I love Floyd… blue merles is my favorite color.” To this, Zoe, the groomer responds “Every time I see him, I tell his parents what a pretty boy he is. He is stunning.

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