Watch brands founded by women leave their mark on the industry

In an industry dominated by men, these women watchmakers are changing the game Image: Fiona Krüger | Source: Cédric Widmer

It’s no secret that the watch industry is predominantly dominated by men. With the male-owned Swiss watch giants accounting for more than half of the luxury watch industry, it’s rare to see a high-end watch brand founded and owned by a woman. Fortunately, in recent years, women experts in watchmaking and watch design have changed that; gaining more attention in the watch industry. These talented, female-led watch brands are making a name for themselves amid a sea of ​​conglomerates and male CEOs.

Galvin watch company

Sydney-based Galvin Watch Company is one of the few watch brands to have a female founder. Founded, owned and operated by Finnish-born Susan Galvin, Galvin Watch Company was born out of Galvin’s dismissal from OMEGA while on maternity leave. After successful crowdfunding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo in 2020, Galvin raised A $ 125,000 to launch his watch brand’s dream. The result is the Alku collection: a series of timepieces that combine “Nordic minimalist design with the liveliness of the landscapes” in which Galvin grew up.

Bedat & Co Geneva

Founded in 1996, Bedat & Co Genève was created to fill a glaring gap in the Swiss watch industry: timepieces designed by women for women. Founded by the late Swiss and watchmaking expert, Simone Bédat, alongside her son Christian Bédat, Bedat & Co set out to create opulent women’s wristwatches and succeeded, by offering several collections of timeless watches and accolades. Inspired by the aesthetic traditions of the Art Deco era, the brand’s timepieces feature premium diamonds, curvaceous cases and elegant designs.

After a life spent in the Swiss watch industry watching 50% of the world’s population be ignored, I have decided to do something about it. BEDAT & CO was that something; a luxury watch brand founded by a woman for women.

Ms. Simone Bédat, Founder of Bedat & Co Geneva

Eva Leube Watchmaking

Founded by German watchmaker Eva Leube, Eva Leube Watchmaking gained critical acclaim with the launch of the brand’s first timepiece, Ari. With a strikingly contoured case and sapphire crystal display, Ari is undoubtedly distinguished by its design thanks to its arched shape and panoramic sapphire window. Now based in Switzerland, Eva Leube manufactures tailor-made precision watches entirely by hand.

Anne Klein

Described by Harper’s Bazaar as “a champion of authentic style,” the late Anne Klein’s eponymous brand began in 1968 as a sportswear brand that went on to encapsulate stylish women’s clothing and accessories, including watches and jewelry. . While Anne Klein watches are now made by Sutton Time, the timepieces are inspired by the same inspiration from Klein’s original designs. The designer once said, “Clothes won’t change the world. The women who wear them will.

Fiona kruger

Bringing together a passion for craftsmanship and a background in fine arts, Fiona Krüger’s eponymous brand quickly rose to prominence for its first series, the Skull. Inspired by Krüger’s memories of the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico, the Skull collection has truly skeletonized the watch. Krüger has carved out a reputation for its intricate timepieces and unique and stimulating designs.

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