Watch brands unveil feline-themed timepieces

2022 is the year of the tiger. To embrace that, here are three gorgeous, exclusive feline-themed timepieces for you to check out.

On the way to 2022 with these resplendent Year of the Tiger watches strapped to your wrist. Emblematic of the Year of the Tiger, the timepieces featuring the furry creature that embodies vigor and grace are now making waves like the “it” watch. Their instantaneous popularity isn’t hard to grasp, given that the Year of the Tiger only happens once every twelve years.

One of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac, the tiger signifies favorable fortune. Those born in the Year of the Tiger (1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010 and 2022) are said to be confident, indomitable, perceptive and charming. If that’s your case, these fearless timepieces just might be the perfect accessory in 2022.

Luxury watch brands selling feline themed watches:

Blancpain Traditional Chinese Calendar

Made in platinum and produced in 50 pieces, all individually numbered, the traditional Chinese calendar is a unique timepiece thanks to a grand feu dial harmonizing the Chinese and Gregorian calendars. In addition to the usual hours, minutes and seconds, the immaculate dial highlights the traditional double hours, days, months with indication of leap months, signs of the zodiac, as well as the five elements and the 10 celestial stems – making the Blancpain creation a unique watchmaking proposition.

In addition, the transparent case back not only displays the magnificent 3638 self-winding movement, but also an engraving of the tiger on the rotor. It is a resolutely modern timepiece, firmly anchored in tradition.

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Chopard LUC XP Urushi Year of the Tiger

Chopard’s interpretation of the thematic timepiece is produced in auspicious numbers – 88 pieces all crafted from ethical 18k rose gold. A marriage of East and West, the LUC XP Urushi Year of the Tiger is the prerogative of the much vaunted Urushi lacquering technique from Japan and the marvelous watchmaking expertise of the Chopard manufacture located in Switzerland. Each feline dial is produced by master lacquerer Minori Koizumi of the century-old house Yamada Heiando, who has devoted no less than 160 hours to this arduous task.

The Maki-e technique he uses combines with poetic effects gold dust and lacquer obtained from the sap of the Toxicodendron vernicifluum tree. At the heart of the timepiece is a manufacture movement LUC 96.17-L. Barely 3.3 mm thick, the self-winding movement offers a remarkable 65 hours of power reserve.

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Ulysse Nardin The Classico “Tiger”

Ulysse Nardin Le Classico

A fusion of two enamelling techniques, the Classico “Tigre” is an exceptional piece of champlevé and paillonné enamelling. For the uninitiated, champlevé is a decorative technique where recesses are created on the surface and then filled with vivid glassy substances, while paillonné consists of tiny ornaments cut from gold or silver leaf and coated with a layer of translucent enamel.

Due to the fragility of enamel, making an enamel dial is often expensive and time consuming. Therefore, this timepiece is an unequivocal showcase of art and commitment. Produced in 88 parts, this breathtaking rose gold watch houses a self-winding UN-815 movement offering 42 hours of power reserve.

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