Watch: the stop-motion short “Hedgehog’s Home” by Eva Cvijanovic


Watch: the stop-motion short “Hedgehog’s Home” by Eva Cvijanovic

by Alex Billington
September 10, 2019
Source: Vimeo

“My home, sweet, home. Where I feel free. You beautiful castle with a wooden dome…” Meet the fearless and courageous Mr. Hedgehog. We highly recommend this cute short film titled The hedgehog house, a stop-motion animated short directed by a Montreal filmmaker Eva cvijanovic. The short is about, as you might have guessed, a hedgehog living in a forest who pokes fun at a cunning fox, a greedy bear, an evil wolf and a muddy boar. Cvijanovic creates his shorts using felt and fabric, which gives them a particularly cuddly look and feel. With the voice of Kenneth Welsh as a narrator, delivering a sweet little poem based on the classic story of Branko Ćopić. Featuring upbeat and funky music from Darko Rundek. It’s a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to the feeling of comfort we all get from being residence, and what a house means. Take a look below.

Thanks to Short of the week for advice on this one. Original description of Vimeo: “Winner of more than 35 international awards, The hedgehog house is an animated film by Eva Cvijanović based on the classic story of Branko Ćopić, a writer from the former Yugoslavia, It is a warm and universal tale that reminds us that there really is no place like home. The hedgehog house is directed and animated by the filmmaker Eva cvijanovic, based in Montreal who works with materials such as felted wool, watercolors and pastels, while mastering digital media. For more of her work, visit her Vimeo page. She is currently broadening her horizons with the Montreal free animation collective ASTROPLASTIC. It was presented in 2017 at the Berlin and Annecy Festivals. Co-produced by Bonobostudio. For more details, visit SOTW / Vimeo. For more short films, click here.

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